We are pleased to present the first English language issue of 2+3D, which, for the time being, will be published semiannually.

This specially prepared English‑language publication is devoted to design in Central Europe. It features texts on both graphic and product design. Articles on graphic design offer insights on the following topics: How Czech type designers are taking the world by storm. Why Slovak freelancers refuse to work for large advertising firms. Polish graphic designers’ search for local inspiration. The ascendancy of Hungarian illustrators.

The industrial design section features an article about young Czech designers, as well as interviews with Hungarian architect Áron Losonczi, inventor of the LiTraCon™ (a unique translucent building material), and with Polish furniture designer Tomasz Augustyniak.

We also recommend having a look at reviews of the two largest international design events taking place in our part of Europe: the International Poster Biennale in Warsaw (Poland) and the International Graphic Design Biennale in Brno (Czech Republic).

You will find our recommendations for English‑language books on design in Central Europe at the end of this publication.